links to my favourite places on the www.

A Love Supreme - The best website ever created for the best football team ever....

Sunderland AFC - The official Sunderland AFC site

Red Hot Ruby - For all your cool retro bits 'n' pieces

Planet Jive - All the latest Rock 'n' Roll gossip

The House Of Bop - Great site from our own Rhys (Johnny Horton!)

Foot Tapping Records - Our favourite Rock 'n' Roll record label!

Julie Mundy - My favourite author!

Peavey UK - They make the best guitar in the world, you know...... And amps.

The Eddie Cochran Connection - Remember Eddie Cochran

The UK Ricky Nelson Website - For all things Rick.

Black Cat Rockabilly - The best place for all your favourite Rockin' lyrics

Imelda May - The best Blues/Jazz Diva in the world. And a great cook.

Bill Guntrip - The greatest Rockin' DJ to ever come out of Milton Keynes.

Slim Jim Phantom - Me ol' Mucker from LA. The fantastical Sir Slim Of Phantom.